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COLD CAR S.p.a. has decided to carry out an Environmental Management System (SGA), applied to Occimiano (AL) factory, in order to improve continuously its own environmental performances. The fulfillment of an Environmental Management System is considered by the Company a strategic choice aimed to:


  • act in the full respect of the laws, regulation and relevant safety standards, giving a special attention to the continuous updating of the legal prescriptions and others relating to the environment;

  • get to continuous environmental performances improvements aiming at the reduction of the environmental effects through the definition of the improving end and aim

  • promote and implement personnel training programmes regarding environment and safety fields at all the levels in order to optimize the human resources growing process;

  • prevent environmental accidents by reducing the risks;

  • know in advance the problems in order to be able to plan the different solutions;

  • improve the relationships with the outside organizations (public and private) through some defined communication procedures;

  • improve its own environmental reliability and consequently its own image towards the external world.





Introducing the above mentioned Management System, the Management engages itself to develop the following general lines:


  • To be sure that the legally binding requirements (applicable laws and regulations relating to the environment) are well known, defined, and satisfied;

  • To analyze the data resulting from the environment performances of the site;

  • To develop a continuous improving system of the efficacy of the System aimed to the pollution prevention;

  • To define the Environment Aims by encouraging the consumption of the natural resources and of the energy, improving the environment performances and the waste disposal

  • To examine periodically the Politics and the aims of the environment protection, included the relevant results;

  • To action in order to assure the control and operative methods finalized to the pollution prevention.


The defined Management System supports and completes all the other Management System instruments studied for obtaining always an added value to the activities and to the interested processes. In order to assure the activation, the development and the maintenance of the Management System, the Management engages itself to create in the company the suitable organizing and relational conditions. Moreover it engages itself to spread and to acquaint all the personnel with the importance of the Environmental policy. Furthermore it assures that this policy is maintained constantly active and available to the public (by sending it to the customers and everyone who asks for it in the factory) or to anyone who asks for it.

The Aim of the Management is to finalize the efforts of all the personnel into a careful attention to the problems linked to the environment above all trying to improve. Consequently the company asks the staff to be strongly responsible for acting according to:


  • Respect to the Laws and Regulations in force

  • Respect to the application of the rules foreseen by the System documents (manual, working procedures and instructions)

  • Prevention of the no-conformity

  • Attainment of the pre-established aims and ends


For all of this the Management engages itself to take on an active role in promoting and guiding all the activities having influences to the environment, through the diffusion at all the levels of the above mentioned concepts and the control of the obtained results. The Board has appointed Mr. Luigi Patrucco as head of the Environmental Management System.


The Environmental Management System Responsible has to:


  • Check the System development and to refer to the Management about its adequacy and effectiveness;

  • Stop any operation that does not fulfill the requirements of the Environmental Management System and of the relevant laws

  • Ask for, approve and plan the necessary corrective actions.


All the components of the organization have to respect the instructions for the accomplishment of the Environmental Management System.







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