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The product


Cold Car has been manufacturing isothermal and refrigerated bodies for more than 40 years' time. We produce refrigerated bodies equipped with eutectic plates/beams refrigerating system. The production is basically divided into two activities, i.e. production of isothermal bodies and of refrigerating plants:







the isothermal bodies


They are composed of sandwich panels made in polyester resin reinforced with fiber glass and having a core of polyurethane sheets with uniform density of 35 kg / cu.m. The panels are hot pressed, assembled to obtain a joint union and sealed with a special glue without using any metal or plastic profile, so as to ensure maximum insulation capacity and high resistance to mechanical stress



The refrigerating plants


They are designed and produced for each body to store the cold in special eutectic plates fixed inside the body, while a refrigerating unit positioned outside, more often in the vehicle’s wheelbase, is connected to the mains supply to freeze the eutectic solution.



The refrigerated body with eutectic plates  imposed itself on the EEC market as the most suitable and most efficient equipment for the daily distribution of ice-cream and frozen foods and it is also the ideal solution for the distribution of fresh products (dairy, meats, sausages and vegetables). The operation is simple: the cold is stored during the overnight stop at the warehouse by means of a refrigerating unit connected to the mains supply that freezes the eutectic solution in the plates. Subsequently, when the eutectic solution defrosts, it releases the “cold” previously stored in the plates, thus recovering the cold loss caused by the opening of the doors, so as to preserve the products correctly in full compliance with the ATP and HACCP regulations.


The advantages of the eutectic system if compared to the air-forced conventional refrigeration system can be summarized as follows:

  • Efficiency: at each spot sale, the air temperature inside the body is immediate pulled down, thus preserving the product from thermal “shocks”

  • Low operating costs: the absence of mechanical parts in motion and the independence from the vehicle engine make the maintenance costs very low, almost zero.

  • Security for the operator: the operation is easy, it’s enough to connect the refrigerating unit to the mains supply when the vehicle comes back to the warehouse. The unit stops automatically when the cold charge has been completed.





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