Two Made in Italy enterprises, one objective: to guarantee consumers the highest quality food, in full respect of the environment.


Cold Car, a leader in the production of refrigerated bodies with eutectic plates, is one of the founding companies of the Cold District in Casale Monferrato. From its collaboration with large industrial ice cream distribution companies immediately after World War II, to transport solutions for home deliveries today, Cold Car has forever succeeded in interpreting the evolving needs of consumers, helping Clients to grow their business. Innovation, Made in Italy excellence, and reliability are just some of the keywords summarizing the essence of Cold Car and its historical partnership with Frascold, dating back to the ‘80s, for the development of vehicle refrigeration systems that travel throughout the world.



Giovanni Rosso from Cold Car explores the challenges and prospects in the refrigerated transport sector.

“The refrigerated transport sector is highly complex: controlled temperature, performance, contained weight, and reliability are crucial. To satisfy these requirements, it is important to be able to rely on a partner like Frascold, which supports us in the study and design of solutions able to respond to our specific needs, always with a close eye to sustainable progress.

Innovation in an ecological key, is, in fact, Cold Car’s response to the demands of an industry currently experiencing strong growth. One of the aspects most highly valued by Clients in their relationship with Cold Car, is the long service life of our vehicles, which exceeds 20 years. This result, of which we are particularly proud, is owing to a very articulate design process, and the quality of the solutions we select to develop the refrigeration system. To this end, our bodies are able to withstand the very high stresses to which they are exposed, due to their constant movement on the road, and are designed to combine sturdiness and quality with lightness, also thanks to new composite materials. What sets us apart is our expertise in developing systems with low temperature eutectic plates, with a solution at -33°C for ice cream and frozen foods. The system charges overnight, and, thanks to the refrigeration unit connected to the mains, has no impact on the vehicle’s consumption during deliveries. An efficient storage system, therefore, which absorbs power from neither the vehicle’s engine nor battery, thus helping to reduce CO2 emissions. These are innovations which are also geared towards respect for the environment, today more than ever a part of international policies in addition to being an ethical and social imperative.

The sustainability of transport on wheels resides first and foremost in the decarbonization of the sector though the adoption of alternative solutions to fossil fuels, as demonstrated by the rising popularity of eMobility. In regard to refrigeration, we are heading up numerous projects for prototypes with gas having a much lower GWP with respect to traditional types. Our clients’ challenges are also ours. Even in this context, the support of Frascold and its broad range of piston compressors is crucial in successfully combining low impact and high performance. The compressor is in fact an essential component in guaranteeing the reliability and long service life of our vehicles, and, therefore, in guaranteeing the end Customer receives perfectly preserved foods, significantly extending their shelf life.

Yet another key aspect of our collaboration with Frascold is the versatility of their solutions. The evaporation temperature we require is in fact outside the standard ranges: flexibilitysafetyengineering and compactness are the cornerstones of Frascold’s strategy for the production of compressors used in road transport.

What makes us truly proud? Knowing that we are guaranteeing the quality of food on consumers’ tables. End Customers can enjoy meals, which, thanks to our commitment, and that of all players in the cold chain, mantain the sensory properties of all ingredients unaltered, thus ensuring maximum flavor.”