COLD CAR S.p.a. has decided to carry out an Environmental Management System (SGA), applied to Occimiano (AL) factory, in order to improve continuously its own environmental performances. The fulfillment of an Environmental Management System is considered by the Company a strategic choice aimed to:

  • act in the full respect of the laws, regulation and relevant safety standards, giving a special attention to the continuous updating of the legal prescriptions and others relating to the environment;

  • get to continuous environmental performances improvements aiming at the reduction of the environmental effects through the definition of the improving end and aim

  • promote and implement personnel training programmes regarding environment and safety fields at all the levels in order to optimize the human resources growing process;

  • prevent environmental accidents by reducing the risks;

  • know in advance the problems in order to be able to plan the different solutions;

  • improve the relationships with the outside organizations (public and private) through some defined communication procedures;

  • improve its own environmental reliability and consequently its own image towards the external world.